Residential & Commercial Services

Residential & Commercial Services in League City, TX

  • Comas Renovations operates at a high level of professionalism! That are prompt, caring, and focused on the customer’s needs from start to finish. If you are looking forward to excellent service at 360 degrees, choose Comax Renovations! Extremely Satisfied Customer, Dr. E. Jones
    Description of Work: Plywood hung up & electrical on her shed
  • We enjoyed working with Nicholas and his crew. The work was done as agreed upon and we were pleased with the finished project. We will use them again.
    Description of Work: Rebuilt patio deck and added a roof over it
  • Bathroom tile was removed and replaced according to initial specifications. Nicholas is a very easy contractor to work with and ensures the job is done correctly. He understands project work from the homeowners perspective and will ask questions until he ensures he has the project specs down correctly. You will not be disappointed.
    Description of Work: Remove and replace bathroom tile and general bathroom painting.
  • It was excellent. They did an excellent job. They were very professional and very punctual. The estimate they provided was good and very reasonable.
    Description of Work: They did some work on my patio and entrance way. They replaced the tile on my front porch. They installed fence on my patio.
  • It was excellent. It was a professional service.
    Description of Work: They did some exterior remodeling on my house.
  • They did a great job. They were very professional. It was neatly done.
    Description of Work: They extended my patio.
  • It was good. The one guy was unprofessional but was quick to take care things of.
    Description of Work: They fixed the siding and corner board on my house
  • It was good. He kept coming back because I wasn't satisfied with something. They hardly communicate with me. They always came back whenever I need something to be done.
    Description of Work: I had 2 doors replaced. They put up a privacy fence and gutter. They put insulation on my attic. They repaired my cabinet. They installed my oven. They put in a baseboard for me.
  • We have hired Comax for a lot of are remodeling. The work that they do is phenomenal. Every time we call the are out with in hours to fix what we need. Would definitely recommend for any job y’all have.
    Description of Work: Remodeling - General, Painting - Interior
  • Very professional and timely turnaround. Good price for good work. Very nice and respectful. Will continue to use for the foreseeable future
    Description of Work: Remodeling - Kitchen & Bathroom complete bedroom and bathroom renovations
  • Great professional and quick
    Description of Work: Ceramic Tile
  • Professional work, timely completion and quality of work was delivered, I am extremely satisfied as a customer and recommend comax to all my network
    Description of Work: Remodeling - General